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Fighting Corruption Requires Accountants to Act: Here’s How

Corruption is taking a toll. The United Nations puts its annual cost at $3.6 trillion—about five percent of global GDP. That’s almost twice the GDP of Brazil. The consequences for economic growth and for the welfare of ordinary people are severe – and no country is immune. This is a global crisis, and billions of people are worse off for it. We need to act. Read more

Helping SMEs Handle the Risks of Bribery and Corruption

ACCA has undertaken global surveys in 2013 and 2019, following up on initial UK work in 2007, to try to understand the awareness of SMEs to bribery and corruption risk, and their attitudes towards it.

New EU Law Improves Whistleblowers’ Protection

Recent scandals from Dieselgate and Cambridge Analytica to the Panama Papers have highlighted how crucial whistleblowers are to uncover crimes that ultimately harm all of us. The EU recently adopted a ground-breaking law that grants whistleblowers high-level and wide-ranging protection throughout all 28 EU Member States.

Fighting Corruption Through Business Education

As classes of students graduate, one after the other, a network of ethically responsible and capable individuals are embedded in society. This network may be further strengthened by initiatives that focus explicitly and entirely on enhancing integrity to curb corrupt practices.


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